Vodafone donate smartphones to Doctors and Nurses in Kerry

Date Published : April 18th, 2020    Published By : admin

Doctors and Nurses at University Hospital Kerry had been providing their own personal phones to patients so they can call loved ones over the past few weeks.

As the coronavirus situation evolves, social distancing and self-isolation for particularly vulnerable older people means that such communication devices could be a lifeline over the coming weeks and months.

Kerry Phone Centre, one of Vodafone’s key partners in Killarney donated 6 smartphones to the nurses and doctors at the hospital so they wouldn’t need to offer their own phones to patients. Patients can now use the new donated phones to contact their loved ones to keep in touch during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vodafone Foundation Ireland have also donated 1,000 phones with credit to the charity Alone which is supporting older people across Ireland. The team have also ensured that all these smartphones have been pre-loaded with a number of useful apps, which include news WhatsApp, news channels, and information about ordering food deliveries online.

A list of important phone numbers like the national helplines for Alone and Ireland’s Health Service have also been pre-loaded on the phones.

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