Two Gardaí hailed as heroes following double river rescue

Date Published : April 2nd, 2015    Published By : admin

20.01.15 Carlow Boat Club River Rescue

Two Gardai have been hailed as heroes by their colleagues and the community after they rescued a man twice from the icy waters of the river Barrow in Carlow town on Wednesday night 14th January at an area close to the Carlow Rowing Club at around 9.20pm.

By Brian Cleary
A member of the public alerted Carlow Garda to suspicious activity on the riverbank where it was taught a man would jump into the river. Garda Tom Hennessey arrived on the scene first and discovered a man fully submerged in the water. The Garda radioed for assistance before entering the water to try and save the man.

Garda Hennessey reached the man, who then began to struggle with the garda to break free. However, the garda held on to him in the freezing conditions until Garda Detective Donal Lalor arrived to assist. He too entered the water and between them both they managed to rescue the male and remove him from the water.

While on the riverbank, the man continued to struggle with the gardai and managed to break free and jumped into the river a second time. Both gardai jumped in after him and rescued him again.

Garda Hennessey is a motorcycle garda and is regarded by his colleagues as ‘excellent swimmer’. Just recently, both Garda Hennessey and Det. Garda Lalor were trained as Community First Responders by the Carlow Order of Malta unit. They provided appropriate first aid to the man before an ambulance arrived. A number of other gardai from Carlow are also undergoing training for In-Water Rescue which is being provided by Carlow Water Safety.

Carlow Superintendent Gerry Redmond commended both gardai and said “This was a selfless act of bravery by both gardai in the face of extreme danger and both are to be complimented for their commitment and dedication to the primary principals of An Garda Siochana, which is the preservation of life. These men Are heroes and we are very proud of them both”.

20.01.15 Carlow Boat Club River Rescue

The area where the rescues took place close to Carlow Rowing Club

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