Three firefighters crushed by moving fire truck during demo

Mumbai Fire Brigade

Firefighters carrying out a demonstration at a housing development in Matunga, Mumbai, received injuries after being crushed by a fire engine which had moved from its holding position.

Three firefighters were injured, one of whom is in a critical condition in hospital.

The fire officers were demonstrating how fire equipment installed in the high-rise building should be handled in case of a fire. The incident happened during a mock drill in the 17-storey building, shortly after 9am yesterday, at Shri Siddhi housing society on Bhau Daji Road in Matunga East.

There were three fire engines participating in the mock drill, during which, one of the fire engines moved from its position and crushed the three fire brigade personnel, injuring them.

Mumbai Fire Brigade officials said that all three were performing basic firefighting skills and later they were using water hoses to demonstrate how it is used in firefighting. “During the mock drill, all the three were standing next to each other near a fire tender, which was connected to a fire hose. Suddenly another fire tender moved towards them and they came between both vehicles. All three were stuck between these two fire engines. It looks like one vehicle lost control due to pressure of water that was released from it during the mock drill and it moved to the other side causing the accident,” said the official.

Mumbai Fire Brigade

Mumbai Fire Brigade’s Chief Fire Officer, Hemant Parab told reporters “The driver operator of one of the fire vehicles while operating the water supply increased the pressure on the water hose, leading to the vehicle slowly moving ahead. Three driver operators of other vehicles were standing in its path, and suddenly the vehicle dashed them from behind.”

The fire personnel injured were identified as driver operator Sadashiv Karve (53), Chanchal Pagare and Nivrutti Ingavale. All three were admitted to Sion hospital.

Outlining the injuries suffered by the firefighters, Dr Mohan Joshi, the dean of Sion Hospital said: “Sadashiv Karve is critical. When he was brought to the hospital, his one leg was severely injured and there was heavy blood loss. We also could not detect his heart beats, but we revived him later. He has been kept on ventilator. The other two suffered internal injuries.”

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