Teenager ‘bobbing up and down’ in the water sparks Carlow river search

Date Published : June 3rd, 2021    Published By : admin

Uncertainty over a teenager seen 'bobbing up and down' in the River Barrow sparked a river rescue search in Carlow this evening.

Members of the public raised the alarm when they reported seeing a young person who appeared to be 'bobbing up and down' in the water before disappearing for a short while and returning again.

Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times

Two Units of Carlow Fire & Rescue Service and its Boat Crew joined local gardaí in the search along the River Barrow shortly before 8pm. A boat crew from Carlow Civil Defence were initially requested to assist in the search but were stood down shortly afterwards.

The search was being concentrated on the water in the between Graigue Bridge and just after the Town Park pedestrian bridge.

Pic: Sub Officer Paul Curren and a flight of swans overlook Boat Crew/ Firefighters Dermot Scully and Daniel Fitzpatrick as they approach on the river Barrow, Carlow. Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times

A Water Rescue and Boat Crew from Carlow fire station searched along the river while teams of firefighters were also posted to a number of other locations along the river track and on the over bridge to search from the riverside.

Photo: Declan Keogh / EmergencyTimes.ie

Carlow gardaí were also involved in the search.

Shorty after 9pm, gardaí and fire officers ascertained it to be a 'false alarm with good intent' and were happy there was no person in the water. The search was called off.

Gardaí and a fire officer collaborating at the search site. Photo: Declan Keogh / EmergencyTimes.ie

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