South Wales Fire & Rescue are World Winners in World Rescue Competitions 2018

Date Published : October 27th, 2018    Published By : admin

Bridgend, South Wales Fire & Rescue Service’ extrication team are World Winners at in the 2018 World Rescue Organisation competitions.

The South Wales FRS Extrication Team have scooped three awards in the competitions which were held in cape Town, South Africa. The closing ceremony took place last night.

The Bridgend Extrication Team were crowned overall world winners and have also won as Best Team Leader and came 2nd place as Best Complex Team.

960 Winners SWFRS South Wales
World Winners - Bridgend SWFRS. Photo @IanGreenman @SWFRS_Ex_Team )

The World Rescue Organisation (WRO) competitions were held between 20th and 27th October and included almost 50 teams from Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa and America.

Here are the Winners List

·        Best Overall Awards and winners of the 2018 - South Wales FRS

·        Best Overall Team Awards - 2nd Place - Consorcio De Valencia

·        Best Overall Team Awards - 3rd Place - RSB Lisboa

·        Best Overall Development Team - SDIS44

·        Best Team Leader - South Wales FRS

·        Best Technical Team - BM Figueira da Foz

·        Best Complex Team Winners - Team Blackheart

·        Best Complex Team Awards - 2nd Place - South Wales FRS

·        Best Complex Team Awards - 3rd Place - RSB Lisboa

·        Best Standard Team Awards - 3rd place - Consorcio De Valencia

·        Best Standard Development Team - SDIS44

·        Best Rapid Team Awards winners - Delray Beach

·        Best Rapid Team Awards 2nd Place - RSB Lisboa

·        Best Rapid Team Awards - 3rd Place - SDIS44

·        Best Rapid Award Development Team - SDIS44

·        Overall Trauma winners 2018 - London Fire Brigade

·        Trauma awards overall 2nd place - Unannounced

·        Trauma awards overall 3rd place - RSB Lisboa

960 SWFRS Winners

Yannick Auloy & Cedric Rigollet of the FNSPF have announced at last night’s closing ceremony that the World Rescue Challenges for 2019 will be held in La Rochelle, France 12th - 15th September ’19.

This morning, the WRO Committee has also announced that Miami-Dade Fire & Rescue have won the bid to host the 2020 World Rescue Challenge.

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