Police Scotland launch hi-tech ‘camera bike’

Date Published : March 25th, 2017    Published By : admin

As part of their latest weapon to tackle speeding on the roads, Police Scotland have unveiled a new hi-tech ‘camera bike’.

The launch was part of their annual Motorcycle Safety campaign on the first weekend of the motorbike season, which will see many bikers taking to the roads again. The ‘camera bike’ is the only one available to Police Scotland. The bike was launched at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow.

Police Scotland’s Chief Superintendent Andy Edmonston said: “The advantage of the motorcycle that has the camera equipment available is that we can take that to areas where we can’t deploy the traditional speed camera vans. That gives us the flexibility to analyse areas where we think there is a speeding problem or collision history.

“It is early days in terms of deploying this piece of equipment on a motorcycle but the early indications are the officers do appreciate the flexibility of it and with the markings on the bike, they have a presence at the side of the road.”

Police Scotland Motorbike campaign
Pic: (Transport Minister Humza Yousaf with Police Scotland)

Currently the force has no plans to acquire more ‘camera bikes’ but it is something that will be considered in the future.

Chief Superintendent Andy Edmonston said: “We need to understand how beneficial this piece of kit becomes for us. “What we intend to do is use the motorcycle and camera around Scotland whenever we sense a need for it.

“We will take stock after that and understand the benefits it brings. We think it will bring benefits in the future, and arguably we will look to invest more money.”

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf also attended the launch and said “We would encourage motorcyclists to keep safe throughout the season, ride appropriately for the conditions, and be particularly careful when overtaking or negotiating left-hand bends.”

Police Scotland and Minister
Pic: (Transport Minister Humza Yousaf with Police Scotland)

The Motorcycle Safety campaign involves seven special ‘Weekends of Action’ when police officers are out on the roads, engaging with road users and encouraging motorcyclists to stay safe and to ensure bikers have maintained their motorbikes over the winter and they are now fit for use on the road.

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