Over 50% of emergency ambulances are more than 3 years old. 49 ambulances have clocked up over 200,000 km’s.

Date Published : June 23rd, 2019    Published By : admin

The Health Service Executive purchased 19 new emergency ambulances this year. The newest ambulances are based in the North Leinster region.

Last year, the HSE spent €5,552,153 repairing and maintaining more than 500 vehicles of the National Ambulance Service fleet. Other ambulance response, emergency and non-emergency vehicles such as Intermediate Care Ambulance, Critical Care Ambulance, Rapid Response Vehicles, Motorcycles and support vehicles within the national ambulance fleet vehicles are all part of the entire NAS fleet.

Over 50% of the 276 emergency ambulances in operation are no less than three years old, eight of which clocked up over 300,000 kilometres and are still in-service. The Southern Region has the most used ambulances over the 300k km mark.

Almost 50 ambulances have clocked more than 200,000km, 29 of which are in the south and 19 are in the west.

According o the HSE, an emergency ambulance is taken off the run, or retired when it reaches 350k kilometres on the clock. It's replacement policy for emergency ambulances within the national ambulance service fleet is 5 years or 350k kilometres, whichever is the earlier.

Carlow Ambulance Base
Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times

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