National Ambulance Service allocates €7.5m for vehicles

Date Published : August 27th, 2014    Published By : admin

Seventy-one HSE Ambulances have clocked up more than 300,000km while as many as forty-eight emergency ambulances have passed this mileage. Figures were revealed by Independent TD Denis Naughten following parliamentary questions.

To date there have been a number of technical and mechanical issues with Ambulances.

Denis Naughten TD said “Clearly, with close to a fifth of al emergency ambulances having mileage in excess of 400,000km it dramatically increases the chances of a breakdown” He added: “When these ambulances break down, not only do they put the lives of the patients that they are transporting at risk but it also means that another ambulance has to be taken out of an already overstretched system to take that patient to hospital”

Responding to queries raised by the Independent TD, Operations Performance Manager at the HSE Oliver Reilly said it is important to note that the odometer reading does not reflect an engine replacement and it does not indicate the replacement of other significant component parts.

The HSE National Ambulance Service have allocated €7.5m for vehicle and equipment replacements, and it is also planned to purchase 35 new emergency ambulances and two neo-natal ambulances at a cost of €3.5m. So far, fifteen of these ambulances have already entered into the ambulance service.


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