Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to step down

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick in 2017. (Photo: PETER NICHOLLS/AFP/Getty Images)

London Metropolitan Police has announced that Dame Cressida Dick is to resign for the Met as Police Commissioner.

Dame Cressida has been serving as Commissioner since 2017.

Earlier today, she told BBC Radio London that she had no intention of stepping down, however in a statement this evening, the Commissioner said “It is with huge sadness that following contact with the Mayor of London, it is clear that he no longer has sufficient confidence in my leadership of the Met to continue.

He has left me no choice but to step aside as Commissioner.”

Following a report by the Police Watchdog last week, of ‘disgraceful, misogyny, discrimination and sexual harassment amongst some Met PC’s’, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said he was ‘not satisfied’ with Dame Cressida’s response to the report, and that she “will be stepping aside” as a result.

Mayor Khan thanked the commissioner, who was the first woman to lead Britain’s biggest police force, for her 40-year policing career. He said he would now work closely with the home secretary on the appointment of a new commissioner with an aim to restore trust in the Met.

Dame Cressida Dick has agreed with the mayor that she will continue to serve for a short time to enable an orderly handover.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick in 2017. (Photo: PETER NICHOLLS/AFP/Getty Images)

In a closing statement, the Commissioner said “Undertaking this role as a servant of the people of London and the UK has been the greatest honour and privilege of my life. Thank you to everyone in the Met and those who work with us for the extraordinary efforts you make each and every day.”

“I leave a Met that is growing and will soon record the largest ever number of officers. London is becoming safer. These great people include more women than ever in every rank and role and an increasing number from a broad range of ethnic backgrounds that truly reflect the diversity of London.”

She added “The public depend on you, for your professionalism, courage, compassion and integrity. You make a huge difference to people’s lives every day. I salute you.”

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