Meet the 32nd Air Corps Officers

Date Published : July 30th, 2016    Published By : admin

Minister with Responsibility for Defence, Mr Paul Kehoe T.D, accompanied by the Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces, Vice Admiral Mark Mellet attended the Commissioning Ceremony of new officers at the Air Corps Headquarters in Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel yesterday, Friday 29th July.

960 Irish Air Coprs new cadets

The occasion marked a very important and proud day for the members of the 32nd Air Corps Cadet Class. It represents the successful completion of over two and a half years of intensive military and flying training and on yesterday, the Cadets were awarded their Military Pilots Wings and Presidential Commissions.

Instructors of the Flight Training School provided a short aerobatics display prior to the Commissioning Ceremony. Excellent manoeuvres were witnessed by the gathered crowd of the PC-9s while in mid-flight.

960 Irish Air Corps Plane and crew

On the 23rd Sept 2013 the members of the 32nd Air Corps Cadet Class joined the 90th Army Cadet Class in the Curragh where they completed basic military and leadership training. On completion of this module, the class moved to Casement Aerodrome and attended pilot ground school, undergoing over 750 hours of instruction on 15 diverse aviation related subjects ranging from Principles of Flight to Human Performance and Limitations.

960 Irish Air CorpsGraduation

The class have completed over 180 hours of flying training, including advanced aerobatics, aerial tactics and close formation flying. The successful completion of this training has prepared them to take up appointments as junior leaders and pilots in the Air Corps. In receiving this Presidential Commission, the new officers took an oath of allegiance in which they swore to be “faithful to Ireland and loyal to the Constitution”.

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