Man arrested after six houses destroyed in Kildare Fire

Date Published : April 2nd, 2015    Published By : admin

Newbridge House Fires 4

ONE MAN has been arrested by Gardai in connection with yesterday’s fire in Newbridge in which six houses were extensively damaged. The fire was spotted at around 4pm at Millfield estate, Curragh Grange in the town. Several Units of Kildare Fire Service battled the blaze for a number of hours.

Residents in nearby houses were evacuated from their homes. Nobody was injured as a result of the blaze.

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A 39 year old man has been arrested in connection with the fire and is being held at Newbrdge Garda Station under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act. The scene is being preserved to allow for a technical examination.

Efforts are underway by Newbridge locals to help those who lost their homes as a result of the fire.

Newbridge House Fires 2
Local Councillor Willie Crowley said “It is good news that nobody was seriously injured but there has been a considerable amount of psychological damage and collateral damage done,” he said.

“Everyone was accommodated last night and the local social club is making facilities available, people are coming with all sorts of items of clothing for the kids”.

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A meeting is being held this morning in an effort to coordinate a plan to re-house those affected. The meeting will be attended by the Housing department and Civil Defence Officer at Kildare County Council and the Department of Social protection.

Newbridge House Fires 4

Published: 01/04/2014
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