Limerick Fire Service launch prevention campaigns

Date Published : April 2nd, 2015    Published By : admin

Pic: Limerick Fire Service facebook

Limerick Fire and Rescue Service is to undertake a major public awareness campaign to promote fire safety and fire prevention measures. The campaign was announced on Friday 20th February when members of the fire and rescue service held a demonstration day highlighting the variety of skills and equipment at their disposal.

Limerick Fire and Rescue service responds to more than 1,500 incidents across the city and county each year, ranging from domestic fires, road traffic collisions, major flooding, river rescues, freak weather conditions and other emergencies including responses to hazardous substances and environmental incidents.

Limerick Senior Assistance Chief Fire Officer Scott Keenan said “Fire Prevention is a huge part of our role as the biggest killer is smoke, not heat or flames, as smoke travels well ahead of a fire. If you are asleep when a fire occurs in your home, the smoke generated will put you into an even deeper sleep. Installing a smoke alarm will give you time to escape before fumes and smoke can build up.”

Each retained fire station in county Limerick is managed by a station officer, and in the whole time station in Limerick, a four-watch system is operated where a station officer manages each watch. There are 12 firefighters on duty in the whole time station in Mulgrave Street as a minimum every single day of the year.

Published 21/02/15
Pic: Limerick Fire Service facebook

Pic: Limerick Fire Service Facebook

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