Kildare Fire Service: No issue with water pressure at Newbridge fire

Date Published : April 2nd, 2015    Published By : admin


Kildare Fire Service has denied suggestions that there was an issue with water pressure or fire hydrants in the Millfield estate at the scene of yesterday’s fire in Newbridge in which six houses were destroyed. In a statement to Emergency Times, Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer Niall O’ Riordan said “There was no issue with water. The use of water tankers forms part of our standard response to premises fires. Also the hydraulic platform uses high quantities of water which hydrants on their own would generally be unable to supply”.

Kildare’s Chief Fire Officer Celina Barrett said it was impossible to save the homes in the early stages. Speaking to the media today, Mrs Barrett said “Fire fighters had to focus on preventing the blaze from spreading. The flames then spread to two neighbouring properties accelerated by the strong winds. After 30 minutes the priority changed to stopping the fire spreading to a neighbouring terrace because it was realised that it was impossible to save the six homes that were burning. It was defensive fire-fighting from the outside, and today the crews are putting out the flames that are coming up from the fallen debris,” she added.


The fire service was alerted to the incident at 4.20pm. Units of the fire brigade from Newbridge and Naas were mobilised to the incident with two fire appliances, two water tankers and a hydraulic platform. Fire crews arrived within 10 minutes of the call. The fire was brought under control and the ‘Stop Call’ was received at 5.40pm. The last fire appliance left the scene at 3.10am. Fire crews returned again this morning.


Local efforts are continuing to raise funds and provide shelter and other services to the families who lost their homes. In its statement to Kildare Fire Service it ‘would like to express its best wishes to all of those householders who lost their homes last night. We appreciate that this is a traumatic event and wish all householders a speedy resolution to the issues which they now face’.

Published: 01/04/15 15.00

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