Irish Air Corps airlifted its 3000th patient in 2020

Date Published : December 30th, 2020    Published By : admin

The Irish Defence Forces has issued its end of year review comprising of all services within the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service.

In it's review of Air Corps missions during 2020, the Air Corps conducted in excess of 140 Maritime Surveillance Patrol flights in 2020.

The Air Corps conducts Maritime Defence and Security Operations in Ireland's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) through its Maritime Patrol Squadron which carries out aerial surveillance of territorial waters using two CASA CN-235 maritime patrol aircraft.

So far in 2020, the Air Corps completed more than *344 Emergency Aeromedical Services missions supporting the HSE in providing a medical service for seriously ill patients in isolated rural communities. 2020 also saw the 3000th patient airlifted by EAS.

The Air Corps provided 45 inter hospital Air Ambulance service support to the HSE in response to time critical medical emergencies. 36 of those flights required patient delivery to UK or mainland Europe.

Several requests to received to provide aerial fire-fighting across five counties dropping over 340,000 Litres of water to protect property in the ATCA role which the Air Corps responded to.

10 COVID sample transport flights were undertaken by the Air Corps to Germany in direct support to the National response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Air Corps continues to support the Garda Air Support Unit flights in 2020

Photo: Defence Forces Press Office

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