Increase in bonfires and ‘fireworks parties’ for Bonfire Night in the UK

Date Published : November 5th, 2020    Published By : admin

A busy night is underway for fire brigade call takers and firefighters across the UK for bonfire night.

So far, call-outs to bonfires and ‘fireworks parties’ have been high since early evening while wheelie bin fires and hoax calls are also on the increase.

Pic: Via Wilmslow Fire Service

As of 6.30pm, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service reported responding to 17 bonfire and firework related calls up to 7.30pm. Crews have also attended multiple wheelie bin fires. GMFRS have also asked the public to think before they act as there is also an increase in Hoax calls. They said “Hoax calls and fires started deliberately can have a significant impact on the safety of others. Please think before you act.”


Assistant Chief Fire Officer Tony Hunter is visiting crews at various stations across GM and is pictured with the Green Watch crew at Chadderton station.

It is a quieter evening so far for Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service who have received messages of support on social media for the community ahead of bonfire night.

Pic: Cheshire FRS

Station Manager Andy Gray is on duty in the North West Fire Control Centre supervising bonfire activities. SM Gray said “We recognised that organised displays this year are cancelled and what we don’t want is for you to hold a bonfire in your own garden. Those bonfires can easily go out of control and affect your property and your family. You may feel pressured to hold a firework display at home, we recommend you do not do this. Fireworks in themselves are dangerous and we really do not want you or your family to get hurt.”

Pic: North West Fire Control via Twitter

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service said it doesn’t want anyone to get hurt this year and are asking people not to light bonfires or set off fireworks in their own gardens or back yards.

London Fire Brigade said there is a 40% rise in sales in domestic fireworks, LFB is preparing for a busier bonfire night than usual. Earlier this evening, six fire crews and 40 firefighters were dealing with a premises fire on Asylum road in Peckam.

Pic: London Fire Brigade via Twitter

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