Hero Gardai rescued two men from burning house

Date Published : January 22nd, 2014    Published By : admin

TWO GARDAI are being hailed as heroes after it emerged that two men were rescued from a burning house by the gardai in Longford town last weekend. The incident unfolded when a fire was spotted at a house in Teffia Park in the town on January 10th last.

While fire crews from Longford were being mobilised to the incident, Garda Brian Carroll and Garda Shane O’ Connor were on duty at Longford Garda Station and responded to the call. On arrival, gardai were informed by neighbours that the house was split into two apartments, and as smoke billowed from the house, gardai broke down a door to enter the house. They proceeded upstairs where they found one man unconscious.

Garda Carroll said "We tried to wake the man but he didn’t’ respond initially, but he eventually came around, and while he was very disoriented, the ambulance arrived and he received medical assistance at the scene"

Despite the thickness of the smoke, both gardai re-entered the house with wet cloths over our faces and found the second man in the downstairs flat and carried him from the burning house and placed him on the ground outside in the recovery position.

Garda Carroll said “At that stage the smoke was starting to get the better of us but we got there. The neighbours were a great help to us and when we went back into the house they took care of the injured man”. Neighbours had provided the gardaí with wet tea towels so they could re enter the house, while others took care of the man on the ground as they waited for the ambulance crew to arrive and administer medical aid to the rescued men.

An Ambulance paramedic said “Thanks to the bravery of the gardaí, everything worked out well in the end”. The two gardai also praised the efforts of the neighbours. Garda O’ Connor said “We really couldn’t have done all we did without the help of the neighbours and we really appreciate everything they did. They were so good and so helpful.”

A number of homes were evacuated as a result of the fire on the night. Longford Fire Brigade brought the blaze under control. Gardaí have confirmed that an electrical appliance which was left on caused the fire on the night and nobody else was injured in the incident.

Source: Longford Leader

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