Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue rolls out new Fire Kit

Date Published : April 2nd, 2015    Published By : admin

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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service are currently rolling out a brand new fire kit for all operational firefighters and officers throughout the brigade. The new issue follows a lengthy evaluation exercise which involved operational staff across GMFRS.

As part of the evaluation process, four tenders were included, each submitting their own unique design specifications, comprising of two layers, a trousers, a mid-layer jacket and an outer jacket.

GMFRS carried out a great deal of research into the new PPE and trials were held at a number of fire stations. In April last year, the Fire Authority awarded the contract to Bristol Uniforms Ltd. Group Manager Jon Aspinall, who’s been leading on the project, said: “The new PPE is designed to be breathable and more ergonomically fitted. It can be repaired more easily and efficiently due to having replaceable panels.”

The kit is much brighter than we’ve had before because it’s designed for use on roadways, especially at road traffic collisions. It comprises of a red mid-layer that will be worn for most operational purposes and a gold outer jacket that will be worn on top of the mid-layer jacket when dealing with compartment (building) standard fires. The layered approach means that the kit is fit for purpose and aligned to incident types. It also means that the whole life cost of the kit will be reduced as the outer jacket won’t be worn or laundered as often.

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Fire-fighters at Atherton and Hindley stations are the first to receive their kit and over the next few months, GMFRS will be issuing the new kit to all other stations across Greater Manchester.

Manchester GMFRS New Kit Firefighters

Published: 28/02/15

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