GRA calls for increase in Garda numbers

Date Published : April 27th, 2016    Published By : admin

The Garda Representative Association has said 4,000 more gardai are needed to bring the number of members in the force up to 16,000.

Speaking at its annual conference, outgoing GRA President Dermot O’ Brien said the strength in numbers within the force should be increased. The GRA is calling for optimum numbers survey to establish what the strength of the force should be to enable it to effectively police the country.

GRA Conference

The conference which is taking place in Killarney, Co. Kerry also heard strong criticism of the Garda's computer system which is almost twenty years old.

Mr O'Brien described the Garda IT system, Pulse, as "collapsing at the seams with red traffic lights" and said it was "failing those it was designed to assist". We are taking one step forward and two steps back with Pulse," he said.

The GRA has also heard impassioned please from rank and file gardai to restore their pay. A motion calling for the restoration of pay to pre-2009 levels was passed unanimously.

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