Four Firefighters injured in fire truck crash

Date Published : April 13th, 2015    Published By : admin


FOUR FIREFIGHTERS from Atlanta Fire Department were injured when the fire truck they were travelling in crashed when it struck a car and a tree while responding to an emergency call. The driver narrowly escaped a bus. The crash happened on Jonesboro Road at McWilliam Road in southeast Atlanta at about 9:30 am local time.

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Atlanta Fire & Rescue department confirmed on its Twitter page that four fire-fighters were taken to Grady hospital for treatment.

Atlanta Twtter

It is understood one fire-fighter became trapped, however there are no life threatening injuries.

Atlanta Fire truck

Eye witnesses Thonasha Harris told Channel 2 News that a bus and several cars stopped on the road. When the fire truck came around the corner, the driver jerked the wheel to avoid the bus and hit a tree. "They were trying to free the driver, trying to get him out. He was stuck up in there; they were trying to get him out. But they got them all out. To see them pulling and cutting to get him out, it seemed like he was alive. I hope he's alive,"

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Pics: ScreenGrab: WSB-TV Atlanta

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