Firefighters suspend their ballot on Industrial action

Date Published : April 24th, 2015    Published By : admin


The proposed strike action by Fulltime and retained fire-fighters across Ireland has been suspended. It comes after representatives of SIPTU met with the Minister for Local Government Alan Kelly to discuss their concerns over the implementation of the 'Keeping Communities Safer' plan. The directive would see attending crews reduced by one firefighter which the department insisted changing the crew number would keep Ireland in line with international norms, however, union members of the service say it will reduce the number of officers that are deployed on tenders to deal with fires.

Firefighters Industrial Action

Photo: Courtesy Declan Keogh

Retained firefighters, which make up about two-thrds of the national numbers balloted in January last for industrial action.  SIPTU sector organiser Brendan O'Brien said “The Minister has tabled a proposal which includes the suspension to proceed with any reduction in crewing levels and in the meantime a new process will commence. Our National full-time committee met yesterday and it was decided that the appropriated thing to do in response to the minister’s offer which was accepted by our members was to implement a suspension of a ballot for industrial action of full-time fire-fighters with immediate effect”.

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