Minister: ‘No cuts to Irish Coast Guard’

Date Published : June 12th, 2013    Published By : admin

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport is seeking to clarify reports that there are proposals to cut more than 17 per cent of the Irish Coast Guard staff.

Reports claimed that nine of the Coast Guard’s 52 full-time staff are to lose their jobs but the Dept. said that this is “incorrect” and that there will be “no job losses”. The spokesperson said this level of staffing has been identified “as the level necessary to operate a national marine emergency response service on a three centre interoperable basis”.

“There is no proposal to cut more than 17 per cent of the Irish Coast Guard staff as reported in some newspapers,” they said. “It is the minister’s position that this level of staffing in the Coast Guard should be maintained in the context of retirements over the coming years so that the responsibilities of the emergency response services can be met. There will be no job losses in the Coast Guard.”

Under the department’s new plans, a new office – the Irish Maritime Administration – has been established to bring together all maritime functions and work on issues like improving marine safety. The department said that a new ‘technology enhancement programme’ is also underway to support the operation and responsiveness of Coast Guard rescue co-ordination centres.

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