Cork Recruits making good progress with intense firefighter training

Cork City Fire Brigade’s ‘Be the Difference’ recruitment campaign attracted large numbers of interested candidates all hoping to become one of 20 firefighters in Cork City.

Training has been ongoing over the past number of weeks in the first firefighter recruitment campaign in the city since 2012.

By Declan Keogh
Trainee firefighters have undergone a variety of basic, practical, intense and advance training including foam training, road traffic collisions, hazardous materials, swift water rescue and complex firefighting.

Photos via Cork City Fire Brigade @CorkCityFire

Recruit firefighters learned about foam which can be used to fight oil fires. The foam covers the burning material and excludes oxygen and smothering the fire underneath.

Cork City Fire Brigade have an active Swift Water Rescue Team which respond to various water-based incidents and rescues during the year. The trainees completed their Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician (SRT) module. This is a critical component of their training which aims to equip recruits with the skills and knowledge required to operate in fast flowing current to save lives.

Photos via Cork City Fire Brigade @CorkCityFire

Recently, course instructors conducted a large training exercise with recruits in the Jack Lynch Tunnel during late night closures.

Earlier in the month, recruits completed their Road Traffic Collision course which enabled them to use hydraulic cutting equipment in a variety of scenarios using a patient-centred approach.

Recruits also underwent and completed their Hazardous Materials course. CBRN and hazardous materials are incidents which the fire brigade respond to. These materials are harmful and can have the potential to cause harm to firefighters, other responders, the community, and the environment. Firefighters are also trained and prepared to respond to leaks and spillages of chemicals and toxic substances.

Fires in tall and complex buildings are a unique challenge and can sometimes cause an issue or concern for the fire service, and having firefighters. Course Instructors introduced the recruits to tall and complex firefighting scenarios as part of their advanced firefighting module.

Training continues in Cork City which will provide the city brigade with 20 new fully trained firefighters. There may also be firefighters added to the panel for future vacancies.

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