Colm Horkan’s brother pays tribute to a ‘kind, considerate, selfless, and above all, loyal to the core’ man.

Date Published : June 21st, 2020    Published By : admin

Brendan Horkan described his brother Colm as a gem. A son and brother like no other and a wonderful uncle,

‘He had all the value that you would associate with a good human being. He was kind, considerate, selfless, and above all, loyal to the core. He was a rock in our family. The man that was the glue that held it all together. He seldom if ever made a bad decision and lived life by the book, which makes it more difficult to accept the circumstances around that dark and tragic night.

It’s a sad day for the Horkan family, and for the town and community of Charlestown, as we lay our brother to rest, long before his time. A community has lost a pillar, in the true sense of the word as we struggle to comprehend the shocking events of June 17th, when a man was cut down in the prime of his life doing the job he loved and serving the country in the best way he knew how.

He touched the lives of many in the community of Charlestown and beyond, and carried himself with dignity, in and out of uniform. As a friend and brother, he had few pears. He loved Charlestown, this was his home where he moulded many great and lasting friendships. The outpouring of emotion following his passing has provided the family with great strength and support as we get ready to bid farewell to a terrific man in the true sense of the word.

Colm demanded respect wherever he went. Time spent in his company was precious, and there was always a laugh and a joke to be had. He loved life and lived it in the best way he knew how.

The journey home from Castlebar tugged on heartstrings of many communities. Mine and the family’s emotions are in turmoil at this time, as it comes to a time to bid farewell to a man who made our lives so much better by his mere presence and actions. The reality has hit us square in the face and as we get ready to say our final goodbyes to a man of quality, there must be a place for him at the top table in that great place in the sky, as our loss is most definitely heavens gain, but one thing for sure, he leaves a legacy of wonderful memories which we will cherish and hold dear in our hearts, forever, as we say goodbye to a giant who brought such joy and happiness to us all for 49 fantastic and brilliant years.

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