Civil Defence takes to the skies with new helicopter

Date Published : April 1st, 2016    Published By : admin

A new Search Helicopter for the Civil Defence was flown for the first time today ahead of the official launch of the Civil Defence Eurocopter EC135.

The new twin engine model is the first for the voluntary organisation which will add to its many other services and capabilities.

EUROCOPTER / EC135," L'Helicoptere of Hermes", Daunoworth.

The helicopter will primarily be used to assist in Search, Rescue and Recovery (SRR) missions such as missing person and field search operations. It is also envisaged that the helicopter may also be used with a bambi-bucket to assist the fire service and the Civil Defence Auxiliary Fire Service at protracted and widespread gorse or forest fires.

Speaking to today, Joe King of Search and Rescue Ireland said the provision of this Eurocopter to the Civil Defence would be an invaluable tool for its members and volunteers while out searching. “The EC135 is widely used by many services and this would be an invaluable tool for the Civil Defence members in many aspects”.

A spokesperson for the Civil Defence is expected to make a comment to Emergency Times on the helicopter tomorrow.

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