Chimney Fire developes into full house fire

Date Published : April 26th, 2016    Published By : admin

'Chimney fire... house well alight... Make Pumps Two'. A standard call-out to a chimney fire lasted almost 10 hours and caused extensive damage to a house in County Tipperary on Sunday.

A unit of Tipperary Fire & Rescue Service from Templemore fire station was alerted by the Munster Regional Control Centre in Limerick, to deal with a report of a fire in a chimney at 4.15 pm in Templemore on Sunday afternoon.

House Fire 2

Photos: (Tipperary Fire & Rescue Service)

On arrival fire fighters discovered that the fire had caught onto the thatched roof of the house and was quickly spreading.

As the fire progressed rapidly, additional fire units were called in to assist from Thurles fire station.

Tipp House Fire FFs

Tipperary Fire and Rescue Service responded with two fire tenders, a water tanker and an officer’s jeep.

Firefighters managed to save all the contents such as personal possessions and photos on the ground level.

960 Tipp House Fire Inside

Tipperary Fire and Rescue Service said what might look like a simple chimney fire can turn out a lot worse and in general, took the opportunity to advise all home owners to check their smoke alarms and have their chimneys cleaned regularly.

960 Emergency Times Tipp House Fire

Fire crews left the scene late Sunday night and the last fire appliance was back at base at 1.30am Monday.

Photos: Courtesy Tipperary Fire and Rescue Service (Facebook page)

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