Ambulance staff informed of NASCAP Level 3 ‘major pressure’ notice

Date Published : December 30th, 2021    Published By : admin

Ambulance paramedics and other personnel have been notified of Major Pressures being experienced by the National Ambulance Service (NAS).

Staff received a NASCAP Level 3 alert notice today. This means the NAS is currently experiencing Major Pressure in both demand and resource levels. Ambulance staff have been asked to divert their annual leave where possible or to provide cover on overtime. has received a copy of the notice which includes: ‘The National Ambulance Service is currently experiencing Major Pressures both in demand and resourcing (NASCAP Level 3). This pressure is predicted to continue and we need all the help and support.’

The NAS has outlined to staff that it is vitally important to continue with high compliance to PPE measures both with staff members and patients.

The measures follow a previous ‘ambulance bypass protocol’ notice issued to ambulance staff in Wexford to bypass Wexford General Hospital as the A&E there was overrun with patients. Paramedics were directed to bring patients from Wexford to Waterford hospital.

What does NASCAP Level 3 mean and what can it involve?

Under the ‘Major Pressures Actions Considerations’, the NASCAP Level 3 ensures all steps up to NASCAP Level 3 have been considered. It may consider a declaration of a Critical Incident and implement daily tactical calls to review strategic intentions.

'NASCAP Level 3' may also include other actions such as cancelling requests for annual leave, request those on leave to return to work, actively contacting staff for additional overtime shifts, consider alternative transport for low acuity transport and consider additional management support to respective functions to support recovery of the service.

Additional resources and assistance may also be considered from other Principal Response Agencies or services such as the Defence Forces, local fire service, Private Ambulance Service, or the Voluntary Ambulance Services such as the Irish Red Cross or Order of Malta.

These measures are hoped to  enable the NAS to manage its resources more efficiently, mange and treat casualties and patient and a level of service  for the public.

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