65% of PPE of HSE order from China meets specific requirements

Date Published : April 5th, 2020    Published By : admin

There are still some concerns from within the medical profession and in the public domain about the quality and quantity of the orders of PPE.

At a COVID-19 briefing this morning, the HSE’s Chief Executive Paul Reid said ‘65% of PPE which arrived in Ireland last week does meet the specific requirements for use by medical professions and patients.’

The first order received by the HSE is just 10% of the overall order and that deliver is divided into three categories; ‘suitable for use’ (65%), ‘acceptable for healthcare worker use’ 15%, and thirdly, ‘unsuitable for use’ (20%).

The first category includes coveralls, gowns, goggles and face-shields.

HSE CEO Paul Reid at COVID-19 briefing

Mr. Reid outlined that the HSE has significantly enhanced its capacity of beds in public health system

  • 2,500 Beds available in public system

  • 2,500 beds in private hospitals

  • 1,100 beds in City West for isolation

  • 450 overflow Acute Beds being constructed in City West

  • 6,550 Extra beds available

  • 1,200 further beds being made available for isolation

  • Over 7,750 beds up on capacity since the start

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