Warnings continues as people rescued off Croagh Patrick

Date Published : July 31st, 2016    Published By : admin

Voluntary Medical and Rescue services are appealing to those intending on climbing Croagh Patrick today as part of ‘Reek Sunday’, not to do so in their bare feet and to be prepared and appropriately dressed for the climb.

25,000 pilgrims are expected to make the climb to the top where mass will be said at the small church which only serves on this day each year.

So far this morning, three people have been injured on the reek. One man was removed to hospital by helicopter following a suspected heart attack while two others were walking wounded.

Photo: (Mayo Mountain Rescue)

Mountain Rescue Ireland is coordinating rescue efforts and they are being assisted by up to 100 members from Mayo Mountain Rescue, the Order of Malta, Civil Defence, Irish Air Corps, the Gardaí, Mayo County Council and other voluntary groups.

So far this year, the number of incidents being reported increased by 30% compared to last year.

Jerome Hopkins of Mayo Mountain rescue said the peak times are from 8am to 12noon. He said its takes approximately 2 hours to climb the mountain and about 90 minutes to descend.

The Order of Malta is also calling on climbers to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the climb. Lieutenant Eamon Berry said it’s when people are coming down that most accidents occur.  “Extreme caution is urged upon all climbers given the dangers posed by the climb. It is imperative that suitable footwear be worn, along with warm clothes and rain gear, as well as sun protection. All climbers should also bring a plentiful supply of water and snacks, while extra care must be taken with children on the mountain”.

Mayo MRT Night Crew
Photo: (Mayo Mountain Rescue)

Medical and Mountain Crews out since 4am

Speaking to Mayo’s Mid West Radio this morning, Ruth Cunniff, PRO for Mayo Mountain Rescue said three casualties have been treated so far on the mountain. “At 1am there was a nice little trail of lights from people heading up, our first two teams went on the hill at 4am this morning.

It’s been a busy morning for everyone, a lot of people on the reek, a lot of people climbing with the good weather. We have had three casualties so far this morning. One was airlifted to Castlebar General Hospital and transferred to Galway University, the other two were walked off by the Order of Malta with not too serious injuries”.

“People should be prepared. While its nice out there now, the weather and conditions can change in a matter of minutes on that mountain. Wear appropriate footwear and bring enough clothes, food and water because it can get very cold and tiresome”.

Mayo Mountain Rescue Croak Patrick IRCG
Photo: (Mayo Mountain Rescue)

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