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Safequip is recognised as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of water rescue PPE and equipment.

To enhance their brand profile, Safequip introduced a new Safequip product brand last year, IONIC, representing Innovation by Design. The new IONIC brand with its distinctive logo is becoming more visible on their products, giving them a fresh desirable appeal.

960 SafeQuip Ionic

Through constant innovation and product development, Safequip have recorded a number of Industry First’s which include being first to launch a dedicated Rescue PFD with integrated Crotch Straps, they were first to launch the hugely successful “Flood Suit” used by many rescue organisations and they were also the first to introduce a dedicated quick release water operations safety boot.

Safequip also supply telescopic wading poles and were first to design and supply specially designed emergency services inflatable lifejackets.

Among the many products and services which Safequip provide are for Fire Kit, Water Rescue, Technical Rescue, Lighting, Kit bags and winches and tripods.

Emergency, search rescue and voluntary service personnel use Safequip equipment daily in the course of their operational duties, and in environments where the reliability and durability of their equipment is critical to their safety and the safety of others. Some of their clients include industrial marine workers, the Coast Guard, Principal Response Agencies and Voluntary Emergency Services.

SafeQuip Phil Browne and Terry Richerdson
SafeQuip's Phil Browne and Terry Richardson at an conference. Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times

Phil Browne, Operations Director of Safequip Ltd spoke to Emergency Times and outlined to Declan Keogh what type of equipment they provide to these services.

“We supply dry suits, underwater garments, buoyancy aids, as a company we do the full head to toe package for the workers. A lot of our equipment goes through a lot of internal checks, we must ensure that all the products are made fit for purpose. All our products are EN approved, however, additional certification has to be added for certain products, for example a helmet has to be certified for water rescue standard, the buoyancy aids are EN certified and even the protective footwear is also certified to be worn, and they are some of the essential safety checks that we have to ensure are in place to ensure the safety of their users.”

“An inflatable rescue slide would hold 5 people. These are designed to get casualties in and out of certain environments, specifically in places where boats can’t go. These can go right up to houses, front doors, they can go into nursing homes so it’s a flexible bit of kit which can be used for several different purposes.”

960 SafeQuip Manequin
Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times

Alongside their own “IONIC” branded water rescue products, Safequip also represent a number of premium brands which include Streamlight Lighting, Specialised Inflatable Technology, Kask Helmets, Petrogen Hot Cutting Systems, Deva Fire Retardant clothing and Team Wendy Helmets. The company also have a-wide network of additional suppliers which provide customers with a range of complimentary products, allowing them to provide a “One Stop Shop” option as well as providing both servicing and product support throughout the working lifespan of the products in which they supply.

960 SafeQuip Helmets
Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times

"Ensuring the equipment is fit for standard and above all meets every safety need, Safequip is proud to say they are one of a very few companies in the industry that controls the entire product cycle, from initial research and product prototype design, to product testing, final production and quality assurance. Phil Browne said “We offer more than just products; we provide trusted, reliable and comprehensive solutions that are among the most innovative in the industry. Many are researched, designed, tested and manufactured right where they are conceived. Safequip has an excellent track record in the industry and is a company that you can trust.”

For more on Safequip, visit their website

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