TD and Firefighters ‘bemused’ over removal of equipment from fire stations

Date Published : April 12th, 2015    Published By : admin


Fire-fighters in South Tipperary are said to be ‘bemused’ about a decision to transfer equipment from fire stations in South Tipperary to stations in North Tipperary. Tipperary County Council and Tipperary’s Chief Fire Officer have received correspondence from a local TD, who is seeking an explanation as to why chainsaws have been removed from fire stations n the south of the county and moved to stations in the North of the county.

Deputy Mattie McGrath said there is no apparent reason or cost saving measures involved.  “There are no apparent cost savings involved or any other kind of strategic benefit that I can see. Because of this move, people in the south of the county may now have to wait a full hour before a trained member of the fire crew who is designated to operate the chainsaw arrives at the scene of an accident or emergency”.

County Tipperary has twelve fire stations. Its Headquarters are in Nenagh. The county fire service responds to approximately 1500 call-outs per year.


Each fire tender mainly carries the same standardised equipment on it. A chainsaw is just one of those standard and vital tools carried by fire appliances in South Tipperary, as is the case with mainly all fire services. Chainsaws are used at a number of different types of incidents including removing trees which may have fallen onto a vehicle, premises or roadway, gaining access or clearing a route in off-road incidents or on rough terrain and also in dealing with gorse and forest fires.

Some fire-fighters in South Tipperary have expressed their concern and dismay at the decision to remove such vital equipment from their local stations.


According to Deputy McGrath, the chainsaws were removed from some these fire stations and placed n stations which already have a chainsaw. He said “As I understand it, the chainsaws in the South Tipperary stations were transferred to stations which already possess such equipment. My concern is that people, regardless of where they live in the county should have the same access to such emergency equipment via the fire-fighting personnel”. is to expect a response from Tipperary County Council on Monday morning.
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