St. John Ambulance team commended for saving mans life

Date Published : July 26th, 2015    Published By : admin

The St. John Ambulance Service has been commended for their quick intervention when a member of the public collapsed at an event in North Dublin yesterday. Many members from various divisions have been working long shifts since Friday between the T20 qualifiers and the Ed Sheeran concerts in Croke Park and yesterday morning while covering a duty in North Dublin, the Raheny Division got more than they bargained for when they were covering what was expected to be a quiet duty.

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When the person collapsed, they were successfully resuscitated by the duty medical team of St. John Ambulance who immediately started CPR and applied the AED. After one shock and two cycles of CPR, the patient was revived and then monitored until the Dublin Fire Brigade ambulance arrived. The patient was then taken to hospital for recovery.

St John AMbualnce

Photo: @stjohnie  (St. John Ambulance teams on duty at Ed Sheeran Concert)

The early access to a defibrillator and trained personnel is a major factor in survival of cardiac arrest and the members involved, Jamie, Sean and Tara have been commended by the St. John Ambualnce Service and other services. Well done to all our personnel involved!

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