Sinnott Autos help drive Wicklow Rapid Response into 2017

Date Published : October 9th, 2016    Published By : admin

Communities in County Wicklow have welcomed the news that the Wicklow Rapid Response is set to continue its life saving and voluntary service in 2017.

Wicklow Rapid Response aims to provide near Intensive Critical Care level treatment for communities in the pre-hospital environment, where there are life-threatening circumstances.


The WWRR is privileged to have the availability of their volunteer emergency medical Doctor, who specialise in pre hospital emergency medicine, and is a declared asset of the National Ambulance Service under the CFR scheme.

Like all voluntary groups, and in particular with life-saving and emergency voluntary services, they rely on the support and contributions of their local communities. In Wicklow, the Rapid Response service is celebrating the news that Sinnott Skoda have renewed their sponsorship deal of Wicklow Rapid Response which enables the service providers to carry-on in 2017, providing vital care and additional skills and treatment to patients in County Wicklow.

Photo: Courtesy: Wicklow Rapid Response

Last week, Sinnott Autos presented Wicklow Rapid Response with the keys of a 162 Wicklow registered Skoda Yeti ‘Sherpa’ 4x4 vehicle for immediate use by WWRR Doctor and into 2017.

Over the past 12 months, the WWRR Doctor has voluntarily responded to over 170 calls in Co Wicklow and beyond on behalf of the National Ambulance Service. Some of these calls included cardiac arrests, road traffic collisions, multiple casualty incidents, stabbings and a shooting.

Infographic: Wicklow Rapid Response

In the event of a serious or life-threatening incident occurring in Wicklow, the WWRR Doctor is called simultaneously with the ambulance service. This local rapid response also enables the doctor to bring additional skills and treatments to the patient.

Wicklow Rapid Response began in 2014 as part of Wicklow Cardiac First Responders, a group which in itself is one of 30 Community First Responder groups in County Wicklow. CFR’s are civilian responders who are trained to international standards in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation and oxygen therapy. Local CFR schemes are part of a national scheme, linked to the National Ambulance Service.


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