‘Shock Athy’ brings Life to the Town

Date Published : May 23rd, 2017    Published By : admin

A fundraising campaign by fire and ambulance service personnel in Athy, Co. Kildare which began in October last has allowed the members to purchase three defibrillators which will be placed at three locations in the town.

‘Shock Athy’ began raising funds to purchase the three life-saving devices in a bid to provide members of the public with the equipment at three locations in the town, on the Dublin road, Kilkenny road and in the centre of the Heritage Town.

1 Shock Athy Defibs Photo
Photo: (Courtesy Nigel Kelly, Shock Athy)

Local businesses helped support the cause. Members of Athy Fire Service, Athy Ambulance Service and the Athy Order of Malta also raised funds by holding a table quiz and a charity car wash among other events.

From the funds raised and with the support of Tegral Building Products, ‘Shock Athy’ could purchase three machines, cabinets and a training machine.

The defibrillators are located at the Topaz service station on the Dublin road, the Topaz service station on the Kilkenny road and at the Town Hall, Emily square in the town centre.

Shock Athy OMAC 3
OMAC Training in Athy. Photo: (Courtesy Athy Order of Malta)

Athy Order of Malta began instructing on Cardiac First Responder training and on how to use the Public Access Defibrillators in February. These courses will ensure that any person trained on CFR or the defibs will be able to carry out life saving measures effectively.

The three defib units are fully installed at each location and the system is now live with the National Ambulance Service.

Shock Athy AP Nigel Kelly
Ambulance Paramedic Nigel Kelly at 'Shock Athy' launch at Athy Fire Station
Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times

Local ambulance paramedic Nigel Kelly is one of the organisers behind the cause. He told Emergency Times that each defib will help save a life and has this advice. ‘In the event of a Cardiac Arrest, dial 999, ask for the ambulance service and the ambulance control centre will advise which machine is nearest to the incident and they can also give you the access code required. On behalf of the ‘Shock Athy’ team, I want to thank everyone involved and a big thanks to all who supported and contributed to this scheme and made it happen’.  

Shock Athy OMAC 1
Photo: (Courtesy Athy Order of Malta)

Training is ongoing with the Order of Malta in Athy.



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