RAF Helicopter crash kills four crew members

Date Published : January 8th, 2014    Published By : admin

Investigations are underway into the cause of a helicopter crash in Norfolk, UK, which claimed the lives of four people on board. The aircraft, a HH-60G Pave Hawk which was based at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk crashed at a nature reserve in Cley next the Sea last night.

It is understood the helicopter was on a low-level training mission.

Norfolk Police have said the crashed aircraft contained ammunition, and that ammunition s spread over a wide area. Police have set up a 400m cordon and this will remain in place for most of the day.

Chief Superintendent Bob Scully said "In order to carry out a thorough investigation in a safe manner, the area will remain cordoned off with no access for the general public. We will be working the Ministry of Defence, Air Accident Investigation Branch and US Air Force to gather all evidence from the scene and then recover the aircraft”

Several Fire Brigade Units, a fleet of Ambulances and dozens of Police were at the scene late last night.

Police said they must undertake this investigation and recovery operation in a careful and methodical way, so as to provide answers as to why this crash happened and for reasons of safety it is essential that members of the public adhere to the cordon, they said.

Pic: BBC News

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