Policing Authority advertises two Senior Managerial posts

Date Published : July 15th, 2015    Published By : admin

The Policing Authority has advertised for two senior managerial positions. The positions of Chief Executive and Head of Legal and Governance are being filled in open competition through the Public Appointments Service.

Policing Authority Minister and Chief

Pic: (Chair of the Policing Authority Josephine Feehily and Justice Minister Francis Fitzgerald TD)

Both positions are temporary and are the first roles in the oversight body following the appointment by the Government of ex-Revenue boss Josephine Feehily as chair of the Policing Authority. The chief executive job is expected to last five years and will attract a starting salary of around €120,000, while the legal chief’s position will last just three years and has a starting salary of over €79,000.

The chief executive will be responsible for the “direction and management” of the authority. The successful candidate will conduct day-to-day management of the agency including staffing, resources and the administration of the authority.

An outline of the brief for the position states that the person will work “in close collaboration” with An Garda Síochána and other stakeholders.

Policing Authority 640

The person will support the board to:

- Lead the development of the long-term strategic vision of the authority and ensure the delivery of plans for policing services in Ireland;

- Scrutinise, support and challenge An Garda Síochána performance so that local and national outcomes are improved

- Ensure policing plays a progressive and proactive role in local partnership working and the delivery of shared outcomes for communities.

The person is expected to possess significant experience at senior level of direct relevance to the authority's remit. The candidate should have a “deep understanding” of the authority's role and is expected to have strategic and management skills.

The job spec said the person should possess “excellent knowledge of financial and risk management”.

The brief said the Head of Legal and Governance should be “an experienced lawyer”, with at least five years’ experience and be entitled to act as a barrister or solicitor. It said the person should have “excellent working knowledge of relevant areas of law, along with a proven track record in the management and delivery of a range of legal, governance and related compliance functions”.

The person will have a crucial role in one of the most powerful functions of the authority - the appointment and removal of persons from certain positions in An Garda Siochana. The person will also act as secretary to the authority. The job is a temporary position in the civil service for a period of three years. The brief said the contract of employment “will not be renewed beyond that period”.

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