Podcast: ‘Behind the Frontline’ with Ger O’Dea

Date Published : May 16th, 2020    Published By : admin

Ger O'Dea is a paramedic and a Community Engagement Officer at the National Ambulance Service.

In this Podcast, we interview Ger about life 'Behind the Frontline' and he talks about the changes to work practices in the ambulance service and with CFR teams as a result of COVID-19 operations.

He also talks about the Millstreet 'Dare to Shave' in Cork and the sad and fond farewell and many tributes to Abbey (Abi) McGeogh, aged 12, whose funeral was held this week.

Ger also speaks about his own two daughters and having to use social media to connect with home during the current pandemic.

Link to the Podcast on here on TheFrontline.ie or listen to the Podcast here: 'Behind the Frontline' with Ger O'Dea 


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