More and more CFR groups going live and online with NAS

Date Published : May 6th, 2019    Published By : admin

CFR Groups are on the increase among community groups across Ireland, and in addition to those, from various services within the emergency and voluntary sector too.

The HSE’s Community Engagement Officer, Mark Callanan has been engaging with many of these new start-up CFR groups and steering them in the right direction and not only engaging with them but also promoting their presence in the community.

Last month saw countless training hours with instructors which also led to additional CFR groups being established, some of which are now live and ‘online’ with the National Ambulance Services’ Emergency Operations Control Centres.

Two new Garda CFR groups have also come online and are providing life saving services to members of the public.

Later this month, Emergency Times meets up with ‘roving CFR Correspondent’, Mark Callanan, HSE and NAS Community Engagement Officer as he travels across Ireland meeting with various groups and assisting in their training in setting up a CFR group in their locality.

We’re looking forward to catching up with a busy and engaging Callanan.

MArk Callanan CFR Group 960
Pic: (Mark Callanan with CFR Group. Photo: Via Mark Callanan on Twitter @MCallanan1)

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