Medical emergency sparks rescue operation in Littlehampton, Sussex

Date Published : July 8th, 2018    Published By : admin

An Air and Sea Rescue operation has been launched after a vessel carrying divers called ‘mayday’.

The charter vessel ‘Final Answer’ is approximately 8 miles out at sea from Littlehampton in West Sussex.

The ‘mayday’ called was made at 3.20pm following a medical emergency when the vessel reported to the Coast Guard that an on-board diver was suffering from decompression sickness and required urgent medical attention.

An RNLI lifeboat from Littlehampton has been launched and the rescue helicopter 175 has been scrambled from it’s base in Lee on the Solent.

Emergency Times understands that the helicopter paramedic has been winched aboard the vessel to recover the sick diver and it’s the helicopter’s intention to fly the sick person to a decompression chamber after they have missed two stops on their return to the surface following a dive with others.

RNLI Littlehampton 640
Photo: (Littlehampton RNLI Facebook Page)

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