Man dies following parking dispute which blocks ambulance

Date Published : February 17th, 2019    Published By : admin

Ambulance crews who were called to a care home were prevented from gaining access to the scene as two cars were blocking the road.

The patient aged in his 90s died after two emergency ambulances which responded to the call were blocked from getting access to the care home as a result of a dispute between two neighbours who blocked them.

The incident happened in the UK at Cedarwood House, East Sussex on Wednesday night.

The ambulance crews were responding to a Cat1 (Category 1) emergency call at the house when a couple near to the care home used both their cars to block the ambulances.

The Police were called, and the crews were then able to move the cars to allow the emergency ambulances through. The blockade lasted for over three hours, in which during the incident, ambulance crews were also abused by the neighbours also paramedics carried their equipment to the care home in order to treat the male.

The patient passed away during the dispute and blockade.

Speaking to local press, Lucy Hunt, Manager of Cedarwood House, said a couple from the same household had blocked the entrance to the home before as they objected to ambulances being parked on the road outside the premises.

“I know that they get frustrated with the parking situation outside of the home. We are on just a small private lane, but it was an emergency situation in which unfortunately a male resident died. The way the cars were parked, it was to cause as many problems for the ambulance staff as they could.”

She added: “The gentleman did actually pass away before they could have helped him but if they needed to respond very quickly, they wouldn’t have been able to.”

According to Ms Hunt, there have been ongoing problems with other neighbours too. “They have no compassion whatsoever for the job we do here or any of the residents. Any time the ambulance comes down here they are banging on the doors and telling them to move.”

In a statement, the South East Coast Ambulance Service said the crew were abused for stopping outside the home. “A member of staff, on returning to the vehicle during the course of the emergency to get equipment, was challenged by a motorist who became verbally aggressive and the matter was reported to the police.

South East Coast Ambulance Service has urge motorists to be patient while emergency service personnel attend incidents.

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Stock Photo: (South East Coast Ambulance Service)

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