Major blaze at Dublin recycling plant

Date Published : January 25th, 2014    Published By : admin

Over a dozen units of the Fire Brigade are battling a major blaze at a recycling centre in Dublin this morning. The fire broke out at the Oxigen plant at the Merrywell Industrial Estate, Ballymount at around 3am this morning.

Huge flames and thick black smoke was visible from a wide area. A spokesperson for Dublin Fire Brigade say it may take days to extinguish the fire completely. "It was sizeable when we got there. It's going to be a long drawn out fire. There's a lot of bailed, recycled material there and it's always going to be tricky to put out that."

There is poor water supply due to the size of the water mains in the area, but fire fighters are working to tackle the fire. Heavy smoke is causing difficulty for drivers on the approach roads and motorways. Callers to the Dublin Fire Brigade control centre are reporting low lying smoke and they say that they are smelling smoke from many areas.

Nobody is injured n the blaze. An Ambulance remains on the scene and Gardai are urging motorists travelling n the vicinity to take care as smoke is hindering visibility.

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