Joint wildfire exercise held in Wicklow yesterday

Date Published : July 10th, 2019    Published By : admin

In preparation for a dry Summer the Irish Air Corps and Wicklow Fire Service carried out a joint wildfire fire-fighting exercise yesterday.

The exercise tackled wildfire through aerial bombardment.

Last year, the Irish Corps dropped nearly 1 million litres of water on wildfires, and this essential training took place in preparation for hi-tempo operations this summer.

An Irish Air Corps helicopter, the Leonardo AW139 picked up 1,225 litres of water from the lake using an underslung bambi-bucket. This was then dropped on a simulated fire on a hillside at Lough Dan, Co. Wicklow.

Wicklow Fire Service said the numbers and extent of wildfires last year far exceeded previous experiences, and that the assistance of the Irish Air Corps was a game changer in containing the blazes. 

The Air Corps said what made last year separate was it lasted so long, we were tasked for months on end, and during that period we dropped nearly 900,000 litres of water on wildfires.

Photo: Wicklow Firefighters at Air Corps helicopter. Pic: Wicklow Fire Service

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