Irish Red Cross General Secretary Liam O’Dwyer retires

Date Published : June 10th, 2020    Published By : admin

The Humanitarian Support and Community Services organisation, Irish Red Cross, has appointed a new General Secretary to the charity.

Trevor Holmes will take over the role from Liam O’Dwyer who retires this month after serving five years in the position. Since joining in 2015, Mr. O’Dwyer brought the Irish Red Cross from strength to strength and was instrumental in the “Act Today, Shape Tomorrow” Strategic Plan, which will be an effective guide to the continued development of the Society in Ireland.

Incoming General Secretary, Trevor Holmes brings with him a wealth pf experience including extensive communications experience and comes to the charity organisation from DCU and UCC, where he was Vice President for External Affairs for the last nine years. He also has background in both the not-for-profit and corporate sectors, including Intel Ireland and Apple.

Mr. Holmes is looking forward to joining the dedicated team of Red Cross members and staff. “I am delighted to take on this exciting challenge. Being part of the Irish Red Cross with its strong member base and vital work in communities throughout Ireland – as well as its work supporting communities in Nepal, Yemen, and Syria – is a privilege.”

Outgoing General Secretary Liam O'Dwyer. Pic: Courtesy Irish Red Cross

Speaking of his predecessor, Liam O’Dwyer, Mr. Holmes said: “I would like to thank Liam for the extensive governance and policy development he delivered during the past five years and wish him well on his retirement.”

The Irish Red Cross provides humanitarian support and community services to the most vulnerable at home and abroad. It is part of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, the largest humanitarian aid organisation in the world. In Ireland, its activities include mountain rescue, first aid education, as well as other community services including therapeutic hand care and healthy living. Outside Ireland, the Irish Red Cross provides emergency relief and humanitarian services in response to natural disasters and in regions of conflict.

Pic: Monaghan Red Cross

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