Here’s one thing that ‘won’t be coming home’

Date Published : July 7th, 2018    Published By : admin

London Metropolitan Police are investigating an incident in which a vehicle of the London Ambulance Service Joint Response Unit was damaged and taken 'off the run' tonight, when a hooligan jumped on the response car causing damage.

Criminal damage was caused to the car by a male in the High Street area of Southwark, London Borough SE1.

UK LAS AMbulance Car
Pic Source: (@999London and prepared by @emergencytimes)

The incident occurred after the England V Sweden football game in the World Cup.

The man was seen jumping up and down on the bonnet and windscreen of the emergency vehicle, which is used by dedicated Clinicians working in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police in London, providing a more efficient service to the people of London.

There is a heavy police presence in the area as Police and other services deal with large crowd control and anti-social behaviour issues.

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