Halloween attacks on firefighters in Cork, Limerick and Dublin

Date Published : November 1st, 2015    Published By : admin

Concerns are being raised as to the level of assault and attack on members of the fire service following a number of reports of fire-fighters being attacked and damage caused to fire and ambulance vehicles as they dealt with Halloween related incidents last night.

Members of Cork Fire Service were attacked last night while dealing with a call to a bonfire.

Cork City_PBarrett2
File Photo: (Pádraig Barrett)

This latest attacks on Ireland’s Fire fighters happened on Cork’s Northside last night. The City and County Fire Brigade responded to 10 bonfire call-outs, however, it was a quiet night in comparison to last year.

In Limerick, fire appliances suffered minor damage when fire crews from Limerick City Fire & Rescue Service came under attack. There were no injuries and only minor damage was caused to the appliances.

Cork PBArrett_Cork Fire 2
File Photo: (Pádraig Barrett)

In Dublin, fire fighters were attacked as they dealt with a house fire in Balbriggan, north County Dublin overnight and in a separate incident, an Ambulance transporting a casualty to hospital also came under attack and had a window smashed in Kilbarrack. The ambulance was taken off the run for a time.

DFB Ambulance Damage
Pic: (Dublin Fire Brigade)

Outside of Dublin, It was a relatively quite Halloween night across Ireland overall. The Munster Regional Control Centre in Limerick and CAMP West, the West Regional Control Centre in Castlebar both recorded a quiet night with just a few bonfire incidents which were not serious.

Meanwhile, in the North, the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) attended 113 incidents at Halloween, which it says is a slight increase on last year.

The NIFRS the majority of the incidents, (36%) on Saturday were located in the Southern Command Area, most of which involved rubbish and bonfires.

There were a number of calls about tyres that had been set alight. Twenty-five of the incidents were bonfire-related with NIFRS crews only having to take action seven times

Emergency Times: 'An attack on emergency services personnel, is an attack on society!'

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