GRA: Cut to Garda allowances ‘essentially a pay cut’

Date Published : August 25th, 2014    Published By : admin

The Garda Representative Association GRA has described the abolishment of the Garda annual rent allowance for new recruits as, ‘essentially a pay cut’. The allowances were cut in 2012 as part of the public pay negotiations, including a number of other allowances being paid to serving public servants.

The Garda rent allowance of €4,017 per annum was used to cover the costs for gardaí of being posted or transferred to stations outside their home county. A spokesperson for the GRA said the rent allowance has always been an integral part of garda pay. However, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice said that the allowances were abolished in 2012, and this is not a new move or decision.

It is possible the issue is now being raised because there have not been any new recruits since the 2012 to suffer the cut to allowances.

The GRA however sad, the withdrawal of rent allowance is simply a pay cut for new recruits and said an unfair disparity in pay between new recruits and their colleagues can only create friction. The GRA is seeking to have the mater re-examined during the full review of the role, pay and conditions of Gardai which is to be carried out under the Haddington Road Agreement.

Pic: Courtesy Declan Keogh (File Photo Garda Recruits 2007)
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