Firefighters sought for three County Cork fire stations

Date Published : January 24th, 2018    Published By : admin

Cork County Fire Brigade have positions available for retained firefighters in Crosshaven, Carrigaline and Millstreet fire stations in County Cork.

Cork County Council is the employing body of the the positions and closing dates for all three posts is Thursday 1st February.

Part of the pre-employment medical examination includes completing the fitness test. Candidates successful at interview must successfully complete the fitness test prior to employment being offered. The fitness test at the recruit medical is the Chester Step Test. The Chester Step Test measures aerobic capacity and fitness and entails a moderately vigorous level of physical activity. The level of fitness needed to pass this test requires regular exercise and the test pass level is difficult to achieve if the candidate does not already have a good level of physical fitness prior to the test.

Photo: (James Doyle / Emergency Times)

Medical examiners advice is that fitness needed for this test does not come overnight; realistically it takes at least a few weeks and often longer to appreciably improve your fitness level. Candidates who fail the initial Chester Step Test will be offered one further fitness test only. This may be a Chester Step Test or a Shuttle Run test, as determined by Cork County Council. No further retests will be offered.

Only applicants from competent persons who reside and work within 2 miles of the fire station of the relevant unit and whose ordinary activity does not take them away from the town, in which a brigade is located, will be considered.

Photo: (James Doyle / Emergency Times)

Those who sucees in progressing to the position as a firefighter, on receipt of a fire or other emergency call, firefighters should be in attendance at the station within five minutes. Unemployed persons are not precluded from applying, provided that they satisfy the residence and availability requirements.

A successful candidate will only be offered employment on a probationary basis as a Retained Fire-fighter subject to satisfactory completion of the following courses:-

(a) Recruits Suitability Training Course This course is a full-time, three-week course, which will be held in Ireland and will involve staying away from home on a Monday to Friday basis for the three weeks.

(b) Breathing Apparatus Course This course is of a full-time nature, normally of two or three weeks duration and is held outside the county (these may be held in the U.K.). Please note that for Breathing Apparatus purposes all facial growth below the line of the upper lip must be removed, i.e. beards. etc.

(c) Occupational First Aid Course This course is of a full-time nature, normally three days duration and is held within the County.

(d) Class C HGV driving licence.

Photo: (James Doyle / Emergency Times)

Retained Fire-fighters must be prepared to attend other courses which may be held in Ireland or the UK.

Full details and application forms for all three stations are here on this link here

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