Firefighters appeal to public following last nights attacked on Tipperary fire crew

Date Published : November 1st, 2020    Published By : admin

A fire crew was forced to retreat from an area callout last night after coming under attack.

Tipperary Fire & Rescue Service has confirmed that one of its crews were subjected to acts of vandalism during one of the country’s busiest nights for the fire brigade.

A fire appliance was damaged when a window was smashed, rendering if 'off the run’ and making it unavailable for a time to respond to other fore and rescue call-outs. understand the crew from Thurles fire station came under attack from a large group of people who had gathered at a bonfire. Rocks and bottles were thrown at the crew and the appliance.

Firefighters retreated form the scene and waited for garda assistance before proceeding. Firefighters in Tipperary have appealed for the public to respect the emergency services and the work they do. In a statement on social media, Tipperary Fire & Rescue Service said: "Emergency service personnel, across all services, are the very people you or your loved ones may need tomorrow. Please show them some respect."

Pic: Tipperary Fire & Rescue Service via Facebook

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