Fire Fighting Garda saves van in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Date Published : March 18th, 2016    Published By : admin

A van which was part of a float in the Donegal Town St. Patrick's Day parade was close to holding up the parade yesterday before a Garda stepped in and saved the vehicle from being engulfed in flames.

The van was part of the Donegal Community Playground float and as it paraded along the Main Street smoke could be seen coming from under the bonnet. As the vehicle proceeded past the Coach House bar, flames could be seen coming from the front grill and the van was now going on fire.

Donegal Car Fire Parade

The parade was stopped immediately while a Garda on duty nearby managed to quench the fire with a fire extinguisher before having the van moved aside to safety to give way to the rest of the parade which continued after the short delay.

The Donegal based garda who is a member of the Garda Traffic Corps received huge applause from the crowd.

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