European Police Officers observe Operation Thor in Kilkenny/Carlow

Date Published : October 9th, 2016    Published By : admin

Eighty gardaí and 50 student gardaí were involved in a major operation in the Kilkenny/Carlow Garda Division.

Operation Thor, led by Divisional Garda Chief Superintendent Dominic Hayes was supported by national and regional support units including the Regional Support Unit, Regional Surveillance Unit and the Garda Air Support Unit. A group of European Police Officers observed the operation throughout.


The operation Day of Action, which took place on Thursday 6th October, was is a multi-agency national anti-crime strategy and involves other bodies such as the Revenue and Customs.

The 8th such operation in the Kilkenny/Carlow division began at 8am. The Day of Action is a high visibility policing operation whose main focus is to prevent and detect high volume crimes of burglaries and thefts, committed throughout the Kilkenny/Carlow Division.  The operation focused in particular on intelligence gathering, warrant executions, searches, arrests, crime detection and crime prevention.


Operation Thor resulted in a total of 64 persons arrested, 22 persons detained under Section 4, Criminal Justice Act, 1984 for a range of matters including theft, assault, fraud, misuse of drugs and burglary offences. Nine people were arrested for the purpose of charge and appeared before sittings of Carlow and Kilkenny District courts while a further 33 people were arrested on the foot of committal and penal warrants.

Nineteen prisoners were detained at garda stations at Carlow (6), Kilkenny (8) and Thomastown (5) under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act.


During the operation, 29 houses and one business premises were searched in Kilkenny City, Urlingford and Castlecomer areas where drugs (including Heroin, Ecstacy, Cannabis, Cocaine & Amphetamine) with an estimated value of €34,000, pending analysis, were seized. A grow house was also discovered at a house in Castlecomer where Cannabis plants with an estimated value of €4,000 (analysis pending) were also seized.

A ballistic examination is also underway on a handgun which was also recovered during a search of a house in Kilkenny city.



60 garda road checkpoints were carried out across the Division during the course of the day.

A visiting group of 30 European Police Officers attended a briefing at Kilkenny Garda Station and were present at some of the checkpoints as observers.


Chief Superintendent Dominic Hayes said, "The objective of the operation is to disrupt criminals living in and travelling through the Kilkenny/Carlow Division. Criminals will be deterred from committing crime in an area perceived as being heavily policed. This operation will also assist in the detection of criminal offences through proactive policing activities” he said.

Photo: Kilkenny/Carlow Div Chief Supt Dominic Hayes ahead of Operation

Photos: Courtesy Garda Press Office

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