Dublin Fire Chief says hotel fire was not like Grenfell Tower

Date Published : March 22nd, 2018    Published By : admin

A Major Operational Incident was underway overnight as Dublin Fire Brigade fought to bring a blaze at a high-rise hotel under control.

The fire, at the Metro Hotel in Ballymun, Dublin started at around 7.30pm last night.

Investigations have begun into the cause of the fire; however, Dublin Fire Brigade’s Chief Fire Officer Pat Fleming has said that there is no indication yet that the cause of the fire was suspicious.

DFB HOtel fire
Photo: Dublin Fire Brigade @DubFireBrigade

Speaking on ‘Moring Ireland’ on RTÉ Radio One, Mr. Fleming also said last nights hotel fire was not like the fire at the Grenfell Tower in London last June, but it did highlight the fact that people need to know what to do when a fire alarm went off.

Eight fire appliances from Dublin Fire Brigade were used in the early stages of the fire with additional support from specialist vehicles such as 3 Aerial Platform Hydraulic Ladders, 2 Command & Control Units and 4 Special Unit vehicles.

As the fire progressed, DFB sought further assistance from Dublin Airport Fire Service and APFS Harriers from the Airport fire service were also assisting at the scene.

DFB HOtel Fire BA
Photo: Dublin Fire Brigade @DubFireBrigade

Up to 60 firefighters fought the blaze on the inside and outside of the hotel.

This morning, just two fire appliances remain at the scene dealing with ‘hot spots’ in the building.

DFB Hotel fire inside the hotel
Inside one of the corridors. Photo: @DubFireBrigade

Management at the hotel have said that there were 150 guests staying at the hotel at the time of the alarm and all persons were accounted for on evacuation.

The hotel and its adjoining apartments were completely evacuated as the fire took hold. The fire is believed to have started on the hotels’ 13th floor before spreading to the 10th floor. Design of the building prevented the fire from spreading to the 11th and 12th floor.

DFB Fire Hotel Cllr PAul McAuliffe @PaulMcAuliff
Photo: Cllr Paul McAuliffe @PaulMcAuliffe

Chief Fire Officer Pat Flemings told ‘Morning Ireland’ that the fire doesn’t appear to have been suspicious. “I don't think we have any indication that it was suspicious at this stage. At this stage the fire is well out and we will be commencing an investigation this morning as soon as the building is safe to go in to.

Dublin’s fire chief said "It was a well-developed fire and we don't know what the cause is at this stage. While it spread from the 13th to the 10th, the intervening floors were not damaged so compartmentation worked relatively well in the building. There is still a question mark over the spread of the fire from the 13th to the 10th and not the 11th and 12th."

DFB Hotel Fire
Photo: Dublin Fire Brigade @DubFireBrigade

Firefighters brought the blaze under control and the fire is now extinguished, however a fire crew remain at the scene this morning to cover ‘hot spots’.

Investigations by Dublin Fire Brigade and also An Garda Síochána are expected to take place as soon as the building has been made safe.


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